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public prosecutor course in delhi online
public prosecutor course in delhi

The Public Prosecutor

A tailor-made course for students targeting especially public prosecutor exams.

A bit about the course

Kaushik Sir's main focus is to provide students a course which can help them target Public Prosecutor's examination. This course will help students study specific syllabus related to the examination.

Course Duration - 3 months

1st Month

2nd Month

3rd Month

Classes will operate 5 days a week.

In the first month subjects will be chosen based on the batch's strength.

Course will be taught deeply and tests will be conducted on weekly basis.

More & more focus on answer writing as students will need to be spot on while writing answers in the examination.

Who is a Public Prosecutor?

In India, the role of a public prosecutor is defined by various laws and regulations. Public prosecutors play a crucial role in the criminal justice system and are responsible for representing the state or the government in criminal cases. Their primary duties and responsibilities are as follows:


1. **Representing the State:** Public prosecutors represent the government (usually the state or central government) in criminal cases. They act as legal representatives of the government in court proceedings.


2. **Prosecution in Criminal Cases:** Public prosecutors are responsible for prosecuting individuals accused of committing crimes on behalf of the state. This includes drafting and filing charges, presenting evidence, examining and cross-examining witnesses, and making legal arguments in court.


3. **Advising Law Enforcement:** Public prosecutors often work closely with law enforcement agencies, such as the police, to provide legal advice and guidance during investigations. They may help police officers with issues like obtaining search warrants and providing legal opinions on the strength of the evidence.


4. **Pre-Trial and Trial Stage:** At the pre-trial stage, public prosecutors help in the preparation of the case, including gathering evidence, interviewing witnesses, and building a strong case against the accused. During the trial, they present the case before the court and seek a conviction based on the evidence and applicable laws.


5. **Legal Research and Analysis:** Public prosecutors are expected to conduct legal research and stay updated on changes in criminal laws and legal precedents. This helps them make informed decisions during the prosecution process.


6. **Upholding the Rule of Law:** Public prosecutors are duty-bound to ensure that the rule of law is upheld during criminal proceedings. They must act impartially and fairly, and their primary goal is not just to secure convictions but to ensure that justice is served.


7. **Victim Support:** Public prosecutors may also have a role in providing support and assistance to victims of crimes, including helping them understand the legal process and their rights.


8. **Appeals:** In case of acquittals or decisions that the government wishes to challenge, public prosecutors may be involved in the appellate process, representing the government in higher courts.


9. **Legal Advice to Government:** Public prosecutors may provide legal advice to government departments on various legal matters, especially those related to criminal law.


10. **Ethical Obligations:** Public prosecutors are expected to adhere to high ethical standards and avoid any conflicts of interest that could compromise the impartiality of the prosecution.


It's important to note that the specific role and responsibilities of public prosecutors can vary from one jurisdiction to another within India, as there are state-level public prosecutors and central public prosecutors who handle cases in their respective jurisdictions. Additionally, their functions can change based on changes in laws and regulations. Public prosecutors are critical actors in the criminal justice system, ensuring that cases are prosecuted fairly and in accordance with the law.

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